About The Tiny Garden

Welcome to The Tiny Garden!

This blog has several purposes.  One is to post about and promote my crafting and my Etsy shop TheTinyGarden (formerly named LowellandSon) and to share some of my other interests like gardening, landscaping, recipes, pretty things, vintage stuff and on and on.

I live, like many of you probably do, in an area where my home takes up most of my property.  In my drives and walks through the many neighborhoods around me I noticed that most of what a builder plants is boring and quite often inappropriate for the area it is placed in.  Without proper care and pruning, most of these shrubs end up weak and spindly or the opposite, huge and out of control.  A beautiful new house could end up looking shabby and uninviting.  However, unlike many folks around me, I went beyond the little patio and the couple of shrubs left for me by the builder.  I tore everything out and a little at a time I altered the flower beds and grass areas that didn’t work, filled things in and grew upwards.

The Tiny Garden in June 2013

In the tiny garden, almost anything goes and if it does not work out I move it, toss it or pass it along to friends or family.  My garden and I don’t have time to mess around.

So have a look around my new blog and feel free to follow and leave comments.  I previously blogged on Blogger so if you would like to have a look through my old garden blog then go here: thetinygarden.blogspot.com.



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