A New Year

I can’t believe it is already February!  So far this year I have rekindled my love of cross stitching, have painted lots of craft eyes and have continued my making of custom pom poms. Here are a couple cross stitches I have finished in the last couple months.   I purchased the Death Star pattern on Etsy from AmazingCrossStitch.  The Little Witch I found in a magazine forever ago, finished most of it, put it in a drawer and then finally pulled it out last month.  I think it took over 12 years all together.

death star cross stitch Little Witch cross stitch

This is what I am working on now.  It is from Cross Stitcher magazine Issue 285 November 2014 and is called Christmas Town.

Christmas TownAnd, even though Christmas is past, I am still working on ornaments to sell and save for the next season.  I had lots of requests for my Last Tree on the Lot ornament so I have one of each available for immediate shipment and many more partly done that can be ready in a day or so.  The photos are linked to my shop if you are interested in purchasing.

The Tiny Garden Last Tree on the Lot - White The Tiny Garden Last Tree on the Lot - Cream


New Yarn Colors

Hi everyone, happy Saturday!  I am excited to tell you about my newest yarn colors today.

Light Raspberry
Glow Worm
Pale Plum
Aruba Sea

I have edited my collages to reflect the additions.  My pom poms come in small, medium, large and x-large and all details regarding sizes and colors are at The Tiny Garden on Etsy.  I encourage custom orders, you may mix all colors and sizes into one listing by sending me an Etsy convo.  You can also build your own pom pom garland with any of the colors.  Have a look at my pre-designed styles HERE.  These garlands are made with large pom poms but I can make them with other sizes if you wish.

Pom Pom color collage  ColorCollage2_Oct9TextColorCollage3_Oct9TextColorCollage4_Oct9Text

Pom Pom Updates

Since my last post I have added several new colors to my pom pom lineup.  Here are the newest color collages.  My previous color charcoal has been changed to “Heather Grey” and I have added Claret, Shocking PInk, Hunter Green and a true Charcoal.  Also keep in mind, I can mix and match any colors and sizes into one listing so your options are almost endless!  One other NEW thing.  For Christmas I have added a “Merry & Bright” garland.

ColorCollageA101113NEW ColorCollageB101113NEW mediumandsmalltextrounded

A photo to help show the scale of my medium and small pom poms.  The pink shown here is my brand new “Shocking Pink.” It is a little “raspberryish” in color.


The Tiny Garden Pom Pom colors

Our newest offering.  Mixed colors, perfect for showing your school spirit.  Attach to your shoes, top your stocking cap, bling your scarf or hang from your rear view mirror.  To see my listing on Etsy go HERE.


Bothelltext2rounded  Michigantextrounded UofWtextrounded WSUtextrounded PomPomCollageA PomPomCollageB PomPomCollageC