A New Year

I can’t believe it is already February!  So far this year I have rekindled my love of cross stitching, have painted lots of craft eyes and have continued my making of custom pom poms. Here are a couple cross stitches I have finished in the last couple months.   I purchased the Death Star pattern on Etsy from AmazingCrossStitch.  The Little Witch I found in a magazine forever ago, finished most of it, put it in a drawer and then finally pulled it out last month.  I think it took over 12 years all together.

death star cross stitch Little Witch cross stitch

This is what I am working on now.  It is from Cross Stitcher magazine Issue 285 November 2014 and is called Christmas Town.

Christmas TownAnd, even though Christmas is past, I am still working on ornaments to sell and save for the next season.  I had lots of requests for my Last Tree on the Lot ornament so I have one of each available for immediate shipment and many more partly done that can be ready in a day or so.  The photos are linked to my shop if you are interested in purchasing.

The Tiny Garden Last Tree on the Lot - White The Tiny Garden Last Tree on the Lot - Cream


What’s up this week? Part 1

Here in the Tiny Garden I have many interests.  I think sometimes I have too many and I end up not getting anything completed.  I suppose that is what keeps us going in life though, always having something that is not done.

This last week I have posted some new things in the shop, I started a new blog about my family’s ancestry (Williamson Family Ancestry) and have been looking into the ancestry community on WordPress.  And an exciting thing, since beginning the blog I have been contacted by a cousin (we share the same great-grandfather) and we will be sharing information we have collected.  I have a feeling that she has more than I do, but it will be great to connect with more family and she has already emailed me a photo that I have never seen with family members that I previously had no photos of.  I also have a never ending scanning project.  When I am done with magazines, instead of tearing out pages I scan them to save for later, I then give the magazines to a friend.  I also have several photo albums of my mom’s that I need to scan as well as my own pre-digital camera albums to get into my computer and then backup to my external hard drive.  AND when I go visit my parents this summer (I make several drives to their home in Roslyn, WA) I will be continuing to scan photos and documents from both my dad’s and mom’s side of the family.  A big project.

lilac pointMip the Lilac Point Siamese

This kitty color I originally made a few years ago but then the light grey I used for the “lilac points” was discontinued by the manufacturer.  Recently I have discovered a new and slightly different light grey and have brought this one back.  Both the light grey and the cream both happen to be extra soft and cuddly, a fact about fleece…each color can be different in texture, some softer than others.

MetallicEyes2roundedtext2NEW Metallic hand painted craft eyes
Available in both cat (oval) pupil and round pupil (not listed yet).  I will also be adding a bronze color to the listings AND I will be sewing up some black kitties with metallic eyes.

Williamson Altman gatheringAltman ~ Williamson family gathering on Bainbridge Island, WA
I date this sometime around 1945-46.  This photo is from a bunch that I rescued from garbage sacks after my grandmother died.  That story I will have to tell sometime on my ancestry blog.