World Vision – Romania

Every morning when I am driving my son to jazz I listen to the Bob Rivers Show on KJR.  Last November I was listening to their “World Vision radiothon.”  Each year they take a trip to a different country with World Vision and see first hand what life is like there for the areas people and children.  During the radiothon they encourage listeners to sponsor a child.  You pay monthly to World Vision and that money goes to the community of the child you have chosen (86% of your donation).  Maybe they will dig a well so that they have fresh water nearby or they will help with a small loan so a local woman can start a business, if you child was not in school they will work to get them there, if they need food or clothing they will provide it.  I find the community concept a great one.  If you improve the community and make them self sufficient than it improves the lives of everyone.

I decided that I wanted to sponsor a child, so I went through the link on the Bob Rivers page HERE (so that they can count how many children are sponsored through their radiothon) and had a look at their site.  You may pick gender, location and even birth date and year (if you want the child to be close to the age of your own child or be born the same day as a loved one).  I decided I wanted to sponsor a boy and I chose Romania as the location.  The very first child that came up was Andrei a 6 year old.  I read through his story and I found it so special that his favorite subject is music, because it’s my son’s as well.  I signed up to sponsor him.


I used this experience as a family Christmas gift this last year.  I will encourage my son to take part in the sponsorship, perhaps writing some letters and choosing some things that we can send Andrei.  I think it will be a learning experience and challenge to write for a 6 year old who lives in a place so different from ours.  I will also make it a point to learn more about Andrei’s country, Romania.  As a kid I didn’t have much interest in studying about history or geography, but now I find it a fun endeavor.

I will be sure to post here about our experience as a sponsor and do let me know if you decide to be a sponsor or currently sponsor a child through this organization or another, I would love to read about others experiences too.