I Heart The Walking Dead

I also love watching TV.  I typically have several shows going at the same time, both catching up on past seasons and watching current seasons.  I am completely up to date with The Walking Dead and have been watching it with my 16 year old son.  We also have been watching season 2 of Grimm together.  A couple years ago we started on the Lost adventure and binged on all 6 seasons, I still don’t quite understand what happened at the end of that series.  Some research for another time, I think the kid got it though.

But, today I am posting about The Walking Dead comic book.  I started reading the gigantor compendium a couple weeks ago and am liking it so far.  It does have a very different feel than the TV show but that is OK.  It is nice to have double The Walking Dead to entertain myself with.

A1hzhHjIBnL._SL1500_Yesterday I was browsing around iTunes for new podcasts to add to my list (which is the only thing I use my old iPhone for) and I searched “the walking dead” to see what would pop up.  If you scroll down the page you will see the book section and The Walking Dead comic Volume #1 is right there and it is FREE.  I do already have the print version but who wouldn’t like to see it on their iPhone or iPad, right?  So if you want to give the comic a look without committing to purchasing one of the many print choices, head on over to iTunes and give it a download.  Let me know what you think of it you want.  It looks as if it is a common practice for the comic book/graphic novel publishers to offer first volumes/editions for free.  A great way to pull in new readers for sure.  So while you are in iTunes go to books > graphic novels > free and perhaps you will find some other great comics to try.

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