Dressing up the iPhone

For a couple years now I have been an Android user.  My husband has an iPhone (along with the expensive phone bill) and we do have an iPad (free loaner from a relative) so I know how to work an Apple product and I do enjoy them, but the price of both service and the phone has kept me away.  Last year Virgin Mobile finally got iPhones (4 and 4s) however the phone cost was quite high.  Since then the cost has gone down a bit so I finally broke down and ordered the 4s (16GB).  My monthly service is only $27.00 a month (including tax and grandfathered in with Virgin) so I think it is the perfect time for me to jump into iPhone ownership.  My current phone has worked great for the most part but has finally started to annoy me with its frequent “memory full” notifications.  I have a fairly large memory card but the phones internal memory is just not cutting it.

The other day I started looking online for a cover for my incoming phone and found some cute options.  These are all from Case Envy on Etsy and have the rubber surround which is what I want.

iphonecaseThis might be The ONE

minecraftcaseMy son would love this one

mopedcaseScooters are so popular

tapecaseOld School Tape

krackencaseGotta love the Kraken

zombiescaseI’ve been watching The Walking Dead


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