Lacey 1995 ~ 2013

LaceyGazingtextI love how she looks so fuzzy with the sun shining down on her

Up till now I have not posted anything online about losing my kitty Lacey 3 weeks ago, I guess I wasn’t ready yet.  She has had kidney problems for the last three years and we have been controlling it with medication but unfortunately these things catch up to a cat eventually.  She began developing other problems about 4 weeks ago, having trouble breathing.  The vet informed me that she had fluid buildup between her lungs and chest wall making it so she could not inflate her lungs fully.  I was told that this was either caused by the onset of heart failure or that it could possibly be cancer.  We went with the assumption that it could be her heart and they drained out the fluid and started her on a heart medication.  Unfortunately, the heart medication works against her kidney medication and it is a very delicate balance to give her both.  She got even worse and her kidneys rapidly failed.  I had to have her put to sleep after having her in our life for 17 and a half years.  My son and I stayed with her, it was very difficult but I think we are both glad that we did.  I miss her so much but I know she had a long and happy life with us.  I am feeling a bit better these days but the house still feels so empty without her and I still keep expecting to see her in the usual places, on my bed at night, outside the shower waiting for a drink and jumping up on my chair as soon as I stand up.  I think it has been about 25 years since I have been without a cat.  It feels so strange.

LaceykittenroundedtextLacey on the day I brought her home

cats0055roundedThey have such prettier cat accessories these days – what an ugly scratching post

cats0075roundedLacey was 2 when Vaughan was born

cats0078roundedVaughan would always try and rub his head on Lacey as a sign of affection

LaceyCollageSept2012transTranquilI am thankful for the invention of the digital camera, I probably would not have so many pictures of Lacey if it wasn’t for that.

LaceywithHeartrounded1Photo shoot for my heart catnip toys

LaceyLomoish2012Lacey last year


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