World Vision – Romania

Every morning when I am driving my son to jazz I listen to the Bob Rivers Show on KJR.  Last November I was listening to their “World Vision radiothon.”  Each year they take a trip to a different country with World Vision and see first hand what life is like there for the areas people and children.  During the radiothon they encourage listeners to sponsor a child.  You pay monthly to World Vision and that money goes to the community of the child you have chosen (86% of your donation).  Maybe they will dig a well so that they have fresh water nearby or they will help with a small loan so a local woman can start a business, if you child was not in school they will work to get them there, if they need food or clothing they will provide it.  I find the community concept a great one.  If you improve the community and make them self sufficient than it improves the lives of everyone.

I decided that I wanted to sponsor a child, so I went through the link on the Bob Rivers page HERE (so that they can count how many children are sponsored through their radiothon) and had a look at their site.  You may pick gender, location and even birth date and year (if you want the child to be close to the age of your own child or be born the same day as a loved one).  I decided I wanted to sponsor a boy and I chose Romania as the location.  The very first child that came up was Andrei a 6 year old.  I read through his story and I found it so special that his favorite subject is music, because it’s my son’s as well.  I signed up to sponsor him.


I used this experience as a family Christmas gift this last year.  I will encourage my son to take part in the sponsorship, perhaps writing some letters and choosing some things that we can send Andrei.  I think it will be a learning experience and challenge to write for a 6 year old who lives in a place so different from ours.  I will also make it a point to learn more about Andrei’s country, Romania.  As a kid I didn’t have much interest in studying about history or geography, but now I find it a fun endeavor.

I will be sure to post here about our experience as a sponsor and do let me know if you decide to be a sponsor or currently sponsor a child through this organization or another, I would love to read about others experiences too.


Dressing up the iPhone

For a couple years now I have been an Android user.  My husband has an iPhone (along with the expensive phone bill) and we do have an iPad (free loaner from a relative) so I know how to work an Apple product and I do enjoy them, but the price of both service and the phone has kept me away.  Last year Virgin Mobile finally got iPhones (4 and 4s) however the phone cost was quite high.  Since then the cost has gone down a bit so I finally broke down and ordered the 4s (16GB).  My monthly service is only $27.00 a month (including tax and grandfathered in with Virgin) so I think it is the perfect time for me to jump into iPhone ownership.  My current phone has worked great for the most part but has finally started to annoy me with its frequent “memory full” notifications.  I have a fairly large memory card but the phones internal memory is just not cutting it.

The other day I started looking online for a cover for my incoming phone and found some cute options.  These are all from Case Envy on Etsy and have the rubber surround which is what I want.

iphonecaseThis might be The ONE

minecraftcaseMy son would love this one

mopedcaseScooters are so popular

tapecaseOld School Tape

krackencaseGotta love the Kraken

zombiescaseI’ve been watching The Walking Dead

Pinterest Addicts {not so} Anonymous


You hear so many people admitting to their Pinterest addiction.  I have an on again off again addiction.  I am not on Pinterest everyday but can usually get sucked in for quite a long time when I do log on, especially if my son is nearby and I chose the Animals category.  How can you not get stuck looking at cute animals?


I chose to use The Tiny Garden as my Pinterest handle but I don’t actually pin all that much from my shop.  I love pinning recipes and garden ideas the most and of course cute animals.  If you are on Pinterest come on over and give me a follow.

Lacey 1995 ~ 2013

LaceyGazingtextI love how she looks so fuzzy with the sun shining down on her

Up till now I have not posted anything online about losing my kitty Lacey 3 weeks ago, I guess I wasn’t ready yet.  She has had kidney problems for the last three years and we have been controlling it with medication but unfortunately these things catch up to a cat eventually.  She began developing other problems about 4 weeks ago, having trouble breathing.  The vet informed me that she had fluid buildup between her lungs and chest wall making it so she could not inflate her lungs fully.  I was told that this was either caused by the onset of heart failure or that it could possibly be cancer.  We went with the assumption that it could be her heart and they drained out the fluid and started her on a heart medication.  Unfortunately, the heart medication works against her kidney medication and it is a very delicate balance to give her both.  She got even worse and her kidneys rapidly failed.  I had to have her put to sleep after having her in our life for 17 and a half years.  My son and I stayed with her, it was very difficult but I think we are both glad that we did.  I miss her so much but I know she had a long and happy life with us.  I am feeling a bit better these days but the house still feels so empty without her and I still keep expecting to see her in the usual places, on my bed at night, outside the shower waiting for a drink and jumping up on my chair as soon as I stand up.  I think it has been about 25 years since I have been without a cat.  It feels so strange.

LaceykittenroundedtextLacey on the day I brought her home

cats0055roundedThey have such prettier cat accessories these days – what an ugly scratching post

cats0075roundedLacey was 2 when Vaughan was born

cats0078roundedVaughan would always try and rub his head on Lacey as a sign of affection

LaceyCollageSept2012transTranquilI am thankful for the invention of the digital camera, I probably would not have so many pictures of Lacey if it wasn’t for that.

LaceywithHeartrounded1Photo shoot for my heart catnip toys

LaceyLomoish2012Lacey last year

What’s up this week? Part 1

Here in the Tiny Garden I have many interests.  I think sometimes I have too many and I end up not getting anything completed.  I suppose that is what keeps us going in life though, always having something that is not done.

This last week I have posted some new things in the shop, I started a new blog about my family’s ancestry (Williamson Family Ancestry) and have been looking into the ancestry community on WordPress.  And an exciting thing, since beginning the blog I have been contacted by a cousin (we share the same great-grandfather) and we will be sharing information we have collected.  I have a feeling that she has more than I do, but it will be great to connect with more family and she has already emailed me a photo that I have never seen with family members that I previously had no photos of.  I also have a never ending scanning project.  When I am done with magazines, instead of tearing out pages I scan them to save for later, I then give the magazines to a friend.  I also have several photo albums of my mom’s that I need to scan as well as my own pre-digital camera albums to get into my computer and then backup to my external hard drive.  AND when I go visit my parents this summer (I make several drives to their home in Roslyn, WA) I will be continuing to scan photos and documents from both my dad’s and mom’s side of the family.  A big project.

lilac pointMip the Lilac Point Siamese

This kitty color I originally made a few years ago but then the light grey I used for the “lilac points” was discontinued by the manufacturer.  Recently I have discovered a new and slightly different light grey and have brought this one back.  Both the light grey and the cream both happen to be extra soft and cuddly, a fact about fleece…each color can be different in texture, some softer than others.

MetallicEyes2roundedtext2NEW Metallic hand painted craft eyes
Available in both cat (oval) pupil and round pupil (not listed yet).  I will also be adding a bronze color to the listings AND I will be sewing up some black kitties with metallic eyes.

Williamson Altman gatheringAltman ~ Williamson family gathering on Bainbridge Island, WA
I date this sometime around 1945-46.  This photo is from a bunch that I rescued from garbage sacks after my grandmother died.  That story I will have to tell sometime on my ancestry blog.