Teen Jazz in October

I thought that today I would post something a little different.  This isn’t about my shop or my garden, it is about Jazz and my son’s band, Arcade Mocha.  They are a group of mostly 14 year olds (turning 15 over the next year) that began playing together as part of the 8th grade jazz combo at their school.  They couldn’t get enough practice at school so with the help of one of the parents they began meeting at a private residence (shown below) every Saturday for 2 hours.  They have many, many gigs under their belt now including Bothell’s Lyons Den coffee shop, Bellevue Washington’s Crossroads Mall, several churches, numerous school events, of course full school band performances and the BIG one, Tula’s Jazz Club in Seattle back in June with the rest of Skyview Jr. High’s groups.

Mr. McGinn (school band teacher) filling in on drums

My son, since this is my blog I get to feature him in one photo.

Arcade Mocha at Tula’s in June.  They will be performing there again on October 13th between 2 and 5pm at a  Seattle Teen Music event.

Outside view of Tula’s

Arcade Mocha October calendar
October 13:  Tula’s Jazz Club, Seattle 2-5pm
October 27:  Crossroads Mall, Bellevue 1-3pm


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