Welcome to The Tiny Garden!

I have been thinking about starting a new blog for quite a while now and because of this I have not posted much on my old blogger blogs this year, both my “LowellandSon” blog and “TheTinyGarden” blog.  I have finally decided to take the leap and just change everything!  I am changing the name of my shop on Etsy from LowellandSon to TheTinyGarden to reflect more of myself and my passions, crafting and gardening.  My son Vaughan, who was with me at the beginning when I opened my Etsy shop, has been less interested in crafting the last couple years and more interested in video games and playing his trumpet.

Over the next couple weeks I will be changing everything over to the new name, my Etsy shop, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and of course my blog.  I may go back through my posts on both blogs and re-post some things that new readers might be interested in plus I will be posting about lots of new stuff.  I definitely like this new WordPress format way more than Blogger, and I hope my postings and frequency will reflect that.


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