I Love Fonts

Yep, I love collecting fonts.  Handwriting fonts, movie fonts, rock band fonts, the choices are endless.  My favorites are FREE fonts.  Recently I have been re-designing a logo with my new shop name and in the process of doing some editing I discovered the font “Sue Ellen Francisco.”  I chose this font to use on my bookmark business cards and stickers.  I really wanted to be able to use this font in my PhotoDraw editing software so I did a little internet search and found it for FREE at Font River.  If you would like to download it be sure and scroll to the bottom of the page for the download link.  They have a tricky download link at the top that is unrelated to the font.


To Plush You and Back Again

Last year I applied to the Plush You show at Schmancy in Seattle.  My pieces got in the show but unfortunately they did not sell while there.  So , I decided to save them and sell them in my shop this year.  Below are two of these pieces, they are both one of a kind and perfect for fall and winter decorating.  Click on the photo to see the listing in my shop and see details regarding each item.

Fall Retro Reindeer

Groovy Winter Kitty

Christmas in The Tiny Garden

I know it is only August but I just couldn’t wait to list all the ornaments that I have made and ready to ship.  Some are brand new and some are designs from 2011.  All of them are completely original and completely hand sewn “with love” by me.  I always suggest to get ornaments early because come October and November I will be crazy busy!  I am hoping in the next couple weeks that I will put together a couple more new designs for 2012.  Stay tuned.

Retro Wreath – On sale for $10.00

Fairy Forest Mushroom – $10.50

Retro Reindeer – $10.50

New Kids on the Block

My tiny garden does not have much room so I don’t often bring home new plants but I could not resist buying a couple things on my last visit to Flower World in Maltby.

First, I can’t resist the color and texture of this Silver Mound Artemisia.  It is a lovely gray green and feels so soft to the touch and has a light, airy look.  This plant is a perennial and prefers sun to partial shade.  The spot up on the rockery in my back yard should be perfect.  And a little thing I learned about the care of this plant is to not remove the foliage until spring as it acts as winter protectant.

Second, I can never resist a new variety of Hosta.  This El Nino variety was introduced in 2002 but just discovered by me last month.  It is described as having iron-blue (my favorite color) foliage with ivory edges.  In spring the edges emerge yellow and quickly turn to ivory and it sports violet blooms for several weeks.  I look forward to being able to split this hosta and sharing it with others in the next year or two.

This was originally posted on Thursday September 22, 2011.  As of today, both plants are doing great.  The Artemisia has about doubled in size and the hosta is about the same as when I planted it a year ago.

Welcome to The Tiny Garden!

I have been thinking about starting a new blog for quite a while now and because of this I have not posted much on my old blogger blogs this year, both my “LowellandSon” blog and “TheTinyGarden” blog.  I have finally decided to take the leap and just change everything!  I am changing the name of my shop on Etsy from LowellandSon to TheTinyGarden to reflect more of myself and my passions, crafting and gardening.  My son Vaughan, who was with me at the beginning when I opened my Etsy shop, has been less interested in crafting the last couple years and more interested in video games and playing his trumpet.

Over the next couple weeks I will be changing everything over to the new name, my Etsy shop, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and of course my blog.  I may go back through my posts on both blogs and re-post some things that new readers might be interested in plus I will be posting about lots of new stuff.  I definitely like this new WordPress format way more than Blogger, and I hope my postings and frequency will reflect that.